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A Great Way to Start or Finish any Outfit!


-100% Unique Vibrant Designs, You Will Never See Someone Wearing the Same Thing As You.

-Our Dye Sublimation Technology Makes incredibly Beautiful Lasting Designs Right into the Fabric, That makes them Perfect For Late Nights And Long Adventures!

-Enjoy Extreme Comfort with Hreh Quality Microfiber Polyester Designed for all Weather, Outdoor & Indoor Durability.

-Authentic Art Style Design Made From Professional Photography and Art, You ARE NOT just Wearing a Comfortable Rave Bra But a SYMBOL of Modern Art. 

-Design Covers Seam To Seam With 0 Imperfections & Hand Crafted In Southern California.

Please know that there is a 14 day crafting period for each of these.

Normal shipping times for US orders are around 2-3 business days after the item is sent unless you paid for faster delivery.

Please allow 7-14 business days for international shipping as each country's system for delivering packages is different.



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